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Night Vision Security Camera: The next extremely useful type of house safety camera is called the night vision camera. Night vision house security cameras are those that use infrared emissions to produce a high res image even if there is very little or no light available. This kind of house protection device utilizes thermography and may also utilize image enhancement, which is what gives you the green shade that's linked with night vision cameras. With such house security cameras the green hues makes it easy for one to see what exactly is happening inside and all around the house. these cameras can be used inside as well as outside. If you don't possess a lot of knowledge with house security camera devices you might wish to purchase a set up that would provide you all that you'll need.

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They operate on a principle of detecting heat rise or smokein the home and can be either hard wired with voltage supplied by the AC powerwiring or battery operated.

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There is also two way audio functionality, which means you can hear what’s happening in the room through the built in mic, and you can also speak into the room and be heard through the built in speaker.

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